Get to know the coast and the beaches by foot

An elongated and beautiful spectacle of sea and sand

Get to know the coast and the beaches by foot

Over hills and mountains

Do you like walks at sunrise, in the middle of the day or at sunset? Sola has several hiking routes that take you over rocky cliffs, along the beaches, past historical sites and to unique gathering places such as Ølberg harbor, Tananger inner harbor and the sea bath at Myklebust. Along the walking routes you can find treasures such as the Sola Ruin Church, ruins from the Second World War, historic hotels and great dining areas.

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Vigdel beach, photo: Elisabeth Tønnesen
Ølberg beach, photo: Gry Isabel Sannes
Sunset at Sola beach, photo: Flemming Stene
Sola beach, photo: Elisabeth Tønnesen
Hellestø beach, photo: Elisabeth Tønnesen

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